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The Application Of Polymers For Different Purposes

Some materials and substances are made from many small but identical units which are combined to produce the parent material. The use of these materials is vast and sometimes they are modified to produce other stronger materials. Coatings, adhesives and sealants can be made from this materials and also can be used in making encapsulations for other materials among other applications.

The materials are used for coating wood, metals, ropes, soft foams, concrete and other objects because it has properties making it a good coating material. They are flexible and as such great for coating and they can be hardened to form coatings that are rigid or hardened. Chemicals and conditions like abrasion and corrosion have no effect on these materials which makes them long lasting and good for coating.

It is used as an adhesive to join polyurethanes to different materials such as metals, wood, concrete and others like ceramics. Although polyurethane resists being bonded, the polymers have strong adhesive bonds that make it possible to bond others with the polyurethane. The polymers also produce materials that are waterproof and strong which can be used to make seats for vehicles and flotation devices.

The soft properties of this material makes it good to be used as a safety material in areas like helicopter landing pads and on surfaces for heavy machines. Sign posts giving warnings and directions are best made using these materials since they cannot harm people in case of accidents. Polymers are used as additives for other materials due to the ability to give advantages while also not making the materials less effective or efficient. When used as additives they make the other materials last longer because they have resistance abilities to such things as chemicals and other conditions.

The polymers encapsulate wires completely and make it possible to use the wires in different kinds of conditions and places. Electric wires are not supposed to come into contact with water and since the polymers are not affected by water they become good to encapsulate the wires. Molds from the polymers are good in resisting tear and wear from certain conditions and chemicals and are good in absorbing impacts. The properties of absorbing impact makes them suitable for places like helicopter landing pads and in boats to make their safety pads.

The moldings are also durable since they are resistant to things that normally wear away other materials. The ability to resist corrosion makes them suitable for areas such as oil industries and others where chemicals are constantly coming in contact with other materials. Properties shown by polymers make it possible to use them in nearly every area existing.

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